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We inspire young people with eye-opening theater.

Founded by Mara Richards Bim, Cry Havoc seeks to fill a gap in the theater community in Dallas. Too often, the training offered to young people means basic-level classes with no differentiation between the novice and the experienced student. The material young people are given to work with is, more often than not, simplistic or condescending. And, while numerous “pay to play” performance options exist, there is a scarcity of opportunity for students to be cast purely on their talent rather than on their ability to pay.

Cry Havoc Theater Company is changing this – one show at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up to be in a Cry Havoc show?

For each production, we first invite back existing company members to fill spots. We then hold auditions at individual schools and also for the general public. All productions are cast in this way. Auditions usually involve the performance of a monologue as well as participating in a group improvisational activity and a group interview. See more details here.

Q: What ages can participate in Cry Havoc?

We work with students who are currently in high school (in both traditional and nontraditional school settings).

Q: You seem to do a lot of plays about issues in society. Should teens really be performing these kinds of plays? 

Too often, well-meaning adults seek to insulate young people from meaningfully exploring the issues they are surrounded by everyday. That doesn't mean those issues go away - it just means that young people learn they can't engage with adults about certain topics that affect them. What hope do we as a society have if we don't give young people a voice in the world they are inheriting? Theatre is an art form that inherently has the potential to foster dialogue. At Cry Havoc, we provide a platform for young people to contemplate difficult topics and to then discuss them with our audiences. 

Q: What kinds of plays do you look for? Can I submit my writing? 

Because of the dearth of compelling, thought-provoking plays for young people, we usually devise our own shows. However, we welcome the submission of scripts that speak to our mission and aesthetic. Take a look at our site and the kinds of work we do, then follow the submission guidelines here.