Food Channeling

Ten young women in pastel tie-dyed T-shirts and black pants enter arguing. They take their seats in a row of folding black chairs facing the audience at the South Dallas Cultural Center's performance space. They fuss about the menu, about the people invited, about the safety of the surroundings.  Everything. This cacophony of complaints rises to a crescendo, subsides, and one especially peevish girl asks, "Can I get a to-go box?" Blackout.

This compelling five-minute opening scene in Cry Havoc Theater Company's new devised work, From the Table: A Celebration of Food, is funny and familiar to everybody who gathers with family, friends and anybody else at the table to sit down and eat a meal. So begins a revealing, 70-minute work, a rising tide of tightly choreographed scenes, that touches on the history and wildly various expressions of our deeply societal and intimately personal relationship with food.