The Time For Talking’s Over. It’s Time To Act.

There’s a new play in Dallas about the American debate over gun violence. But this one’s very different.

Teen actors take on the roles of real-life victims and gun advocates. In this week’s State of the Arts, Art & Seek’s Anne Bothwell talks with reporters Hady Mawajdeh and Jerome Weeks (who’ve been following the production for six months) about what it took for these teenagers to create the show called ‘Babel.’

Anne: Jerome, Cry Havoc Theater Company started work on this play in January. Why so long to create a play?

Jerome: Their process is what’s called devised or documentary theater. That means they start without a script, they start from scratch.

For ‘Babel,’ they interviewed dozens of people on different sides in our national gun debate and then used the transcripts from those interviews to hammer out their own script.