Teen Actors Carry Personal Experiences With Gun Violence To NRA's Annual Meeting

A group of teen actors from Dallas are among the NRA’s newest members. Now, they’re heading to the convention. The group’s called Cry Havoc Theater Company and the Art&Seek team has been following them as they research gun violence for a new play. In this week’s Spotlight, the teens share how guns have touched their lives:

It’s about 9 a.m on Saturday morning and the cast of Cry Havoc’s upcoming show have gathered at the Meadows Conference Center in Central Dallas. Mara Richards Bim – the founder and Artistic Director of Cry Havoc – is going over logistics for the group’s trip the NRA convention.

“Okay! So a few things, you should all have now received from me your ‘Welcome’ email to the NRA,” Richards Bim says to the group. Some of the actors are eating donuts, a few are drinking coffee and others are taking notes on a notepads. Richards Bim continues breaking things down for the kids and tells them that they’ll be getting membership cards and baseball caps that spell out ‘N-R-A.’

The actors laugh, but the smiles fade and minds focus as Richards Bim continues.

“So we will come up with a script for you.” says Richards Bim. And then she begins to demonstrate how she wants the actors to introduce themselves to NRA members: “Hi! My name is Cara Lawson. I’m a senior in High School. I’m part of Cry Havoc Theater. We’re creating a show about guns. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?”