‘Shots Fired’ Hits Close to Home for Dallas Teens

The way the kids of Cry Havoc processed the aftermath of the July shooting was to work throughout the fall of 2016 on a documentary-style devised-theatre piece titled Shots Fired, which premiered in January 2017. To create the piece, Richards Bim, codirector Ruben Carrazana, and the actors tracked down as many people as they could find to interview about the night of the shooting: police officers, community members, therapists, Black Lives Matter supporters, and Blue Lives Matter folks as well. The company is currently remounting the show, in a coproduction with Dallas’s Kitchen Dog Theater, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the shooting.

Among the interviewees were three key players: Dr. Brian Williams, the lead trauma surgeon on call that night at Parkland Memorial Hospital; Shetamia Taylor, a civilian who was shot; Mark Hughes, a man participating as an “open-carry” member of the protest who was for a time wrongly identified as the lead suspect. All three will return for the remount and participate in a panel discussion on July 13.