Q&A: Mara Richards Bim

The founder and producer of Cry Havoc Theatre on Naomi Iizuka's Good Kids, about the Steubenville rape case, performed at the Festival of Independent Theatres.

Cry Havoc Theatre is one of North Texas' more exciting new theater companies. Formed in 2014 with a focus on youth performance and movement-based and devised work, it and its aftermath. It made a splash with their first production, The (out)Siders Project last summer, and then with the devised piece Shut Up and Listen in January. For the group's first time in the Festival of Independent Theatres, Cry Havoc tries something new: a published script by Naomi Iizuka. Good Kids examines the rape case from Ohio's Steubenville High School in 2012. The features teenage actors and is directed by Shelby-Allison Hibbs, who is also a TheaterJones contributor with her Work in Progress series.

We talked to Cry Havoc founder Mara Richards Bim about her desire to start this company, what Good Kids has to say about rape culture, and what's next for the company.