FIT Review: Good Kids

Cry Havoc Theatre uses teen actors for a fantastic production of Naomi Iizuka's Good Kids, about rape culture, at the Festival of Independent Theatres.

In 2012, at a high school party in Steubenville, Ohio, a drunk girl was raped by several jocks. It was filmed on a cellphone, posted across social media and watched—but not reported—by many teenagers, male and female.

That incident is dramatized by Naomi Iizuka in Good Kids, which Cry Havoc Theatre produces for its first entry in the Festival of Independent Theatres, directed by Shelby-Allison Hibbs (who, for disclouse purposes, writes a column about new work for TheaterJones).

Iizuka deftly mixes documentary and fiction, with narration to the audience and everyday interactions between the students leading up to, and the aftermath of, the crime. “We don’t just know the truth, we see it unfold,” one student says about watching it on cellphones, a statement that also captures the essence of the storytelling style.