Crying Out Loud

Cry Havoc Theatre debuts with a riveting original show, The (out)Siders Project at the Latino Cultural Center.

It's a crying shame that the new Cry Havoc Theater Company's excellent first show, The (out)Siders Project, didn't run longer than three days (Aug. 6-8) at the Latino Cultural Center. The company, the dreamchild of founder/artistic director Mara Richards Bim (who also directed the debut), shows prime potential of becoming one of the most dynamic young companies in town.

And by young, I mean cast as well as longevity. The (out)Siders Project is based on S.E. Hinton's classic novel about teen warfare and its brutal outcomes, but it's really more of an homage than a direct interpretation. The program gives writing credit to both Shelby-Allison Hibbs and the cast, an impressive group of high school actors who seem seasoned beyond their years. Some of this town's professional actors could learn a thing or two from the intensity and passion brought by the mostly male cast, particularly Jonah Goldberg as Mark, the strung-tight-as-a-highwire leader of the Parks group, and Jesus Sena as Bear, the floppy-dreadlock-ponytailed show-off of the Siders group.