Cry Havoc Theater's Shut Up and Listen Will Make You Do Just That

Like acne scars that never fade, even as middle-age wrinkles carve tiny paths around them, the worst moments of our teen years remain etched forever on our psyches. It is the time in life most pocked by humiliation, shame and insecurity. Impulse control hasn’t yet kicked in. Mistakes are made. And made again. We learn from the blunders or are doomed to repeat them, or be haunted by them, well into adulthood.

The all-teen Cry Havoc Theater Company plays on these themes and more in a wise and powerful new piece of devised theater titled Shut Up and Listen!, going on for one more weekend at the Margo Jones Theater in Fair Park. Directors Mara Richards Bim and Shelby-Allison Hibbs and their actors — Daniel Hinton, Trinity Gordon, Regina Juarez, Cara Lawson, Romeo Hosein, Jesus Sena, Lucky Lawhorn II, Shamaraye McQueen, De’Aveyon Murphy, Lilia Houser, Elijah Rice — created the script using Meisner acting exercises and writing prompts. Several original monologues punctuate the action, but the otherwise nearly wordless 70-minute production unfolds as a high-energy circus of physical movement that stretches into every corner of the intimate acting space. (Dean Wray served as movement director.)