Theater in the Raw: Mara Richards Bim at Cry Havoc Theater Company

In many of your projects at Cry Havoc, you rely on the teenagers you work with to develop their personal stories into theater, have you found this comes natural to them?

Part of the reason I created Cry Havoc was so that teenagers would have a voice in the issues that affect their lives. In giving them creative space to express themselves freely, yes, their personal stories and the development of those stories have come naturally. Some are better writers than others, but all welcome being asked how they feel about and see the world. In pieces where we’re devising rather than relying on an existing script, we spend time experimenting, writing and editing. Sometimes, one character’s monologue the audience hears in the final product is a compilation of what several teens have written. Just like anything in life, the more we work with them in this way, the better their writing becomes and the easier it is for them to go out on a limb and experiment in the creation of new work.