SHOTS FIRED opens January 6, 2017 at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park

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"The all-teen Cry Havoc Theater Company plays on these themes and more in a wise and powerful new piece of devised theater titled SHUT UP AND LISTEN!...These kids have something to say. You, out there in the dark, pay attention." - Dallas Observer

Theater in the Raw: Mara Richards Bim at Cry Havoc Theater Company

Interview with Arts and Culture Texas:

What’s with the name?

In the Middle Ages, "Havoc!" was a military order given to tell troops to go forth and create chaos. In Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR, Marc Antony, upon seeing the body of the betrayed Caesar, predicts total destruction. He speaks of Caesar's spirit rising up and unleashing the dogs of war to wreak havoc on the Senate. The name of our theater company is taken from this quote and is a call to action. We seek to wreak havoc on the status quo and to bring a new style of theater to the youth of Dallas.

What are we working on?

We're currently in rehearsals for SHOTS FIRED, an original piece about the July 7th police shootings. Based on interviews with police and community members, SHOTS FIRED offers a snapshot of race relations in Dallas and our community's hope for the future.